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The New Gem of Upper Manhattan Restaurants: A Golden Girls-Themed Café

Posted on 27 February 2017 |
by Agent Allie Henkel
Photo by: Mathew Henry | Misc Information

If living in upper Manhattan hasn’t appealed to you yet, this next bit of Washington Heights news might make you reconsider- the long awaited Golden Girls restaurant has finally opened in the Fort George neighborhood area of Washington Heights NYC and it is fabulous! Located at 188th St. and Broadway, Rue La Rue Café is currently open Tuesday-Sunday for breakfast and lunch (7:30-3:30) and will be adding dinner service in the weeks to come. Need more convincing? Here are some fun facts about the café:

1) The café is named after Rue McClanahan who played Blanche on the show and the owner, Michael La Rue. They were such great friends that when Rue died in 2010, she left Michael a warehouse of personal belongings and Golden Girls merchandise from the show. Rue La Rue Café is decorated from head to toe with those pieces. Since there are so many keepsakes and not enough space to possibly show them all, the owner will be putting the memorabilia on rotation.

Golden Girls-Themed Cafe, Rue La Rue Cafe Sign in Upper Manhattan

2) If you are a coffee lover then you will love drinking, “Dorothy’s No-Nonsense Roast” or “Blanche’s Gentleman Caller Beans.” Not enough? You can also get “Rose’s St. Olaf’s Blend” or “Picture It! Sophia’s Sicilian Coffee.” The bags of coffee are also for sale if you want to bring some of that Golden Girls flair home with you!

Golden Girls coffee blends in Upper Manhattan store

3) They play Golden Girls episodes throughout the day! There is nothing quite like relaxing at a cute upper Manhattan café during the gloomy winter, eating some comfort food, drinking some coffee (or tea), and watching Sophia say, “Blow it out your ditty bag.”

Golden Girls Episodes at Rue La Rue Cafe in Fort George New York

4) Even if you only watched the Golden Girls episodes a few times, one thing everyone can remember is that famous yellow phone in the kitchen. Well, Rue La Rue Café has that yellow phone. What does that mean?! That means you can take pictures with it and pretend you are a Golden Girl, that’s what that means. #lifegoals

Famous Yellow Phone used by Golden Girls Cast

5) Not only does Rue La Rue Café have a breakfast and lunch menu, but they also have some of your favorite recipes from the Golden Girls show including, “Sophia’s 16-Hour Lasagna”, “Aunt Fran’s Chocolate Loaf”, and “Dorothy’s Moist and Delicious Cupcakes”, which were exactly as described. #CupcakesForPresident

Golden Girls recipes on display at Rue La Rue in Fort George NYC

6) One of the most beautiful parts of this café, one of the top new restaurants in Washington Heights is the “Through the Years” photos of Rue McClanahan that line the walls. Although most of us know her so vividly from Golden Girls, the Rue La Rue Café really gives their customers a glimpse into who she was prior to becoming the famous “Blanche” and it’s one of the true Golden Girls gifts for us to see it.

Wall of Golden Girls memorabilia at Rue la Rue Cafe in Washington Heights NYC

No matter what you feel about the Golden Girls, this café is the perfect combo of nostalgia and the feel of your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Welcome to the best restaurants in upper Manhattan , Rue La Rue Cafe! It is our pleasure to have you uptown. #ThankYouForBeingAFriend #MoveUptown #BohemiaRealtyGroup #BohemiaNYC

Golden Girls Cast image at Rue La Rue

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