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The Rusty Mackerel

Posted on 04 May 2014 |
by Agent Bohemia Group
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By Bohemia Agent Elizabeth Schein

There are plenty of perks living in NYC. The Theatre. Dance. Museums. And let’s not neglect to mention the Nightlife. But for me, one of the best perks is the FOOD! I am a gigantic foodie. I will try just about anything you put in front of me. There is no shame here!


I LOVE eating!

The older I get, the more I tend to watch my waistline, the more I worry about my cholesterol, and I naturally seek healthier choices. It thrills me that the farm to table movement is on the rise, and it’s not as expensive and exclusive as it was only just ten years ago. It is especially apparent Uptown, as there are many great restaurants that are partaking in the many Hudson Valley farms, and utilizing the products in their amazing recipes. Included in this forward thinking bunch is The Rusty Mackerel.

Chef James “Mac” Moran was born and raised in Hudson Heights. Having seen the dramatic change in the neighborhood over the years, it prompted Moran to open The Rusty Mackerel almost a year ago.

cauli chopFarm to table for Moran means maintaining its natural beauty, which is evident in his preparing and plating. He frequents the farmers markets, serving farm fresh vegetables and meats, seeking out seasonal items for the ever changing food and drink menu.

However, some items are bound to remain as mainstays on the menu including the Cauliflower Chop and Octopus Bravas! YUM!

If you find yourself in Hudson Heights visiting the Cloisters or just exploring uptown, you should stop in and say hi if I am there. (Did I mention I work there part time?)

They are open for Dinner Tuesday-Friday (dinner starting at 5pm) and for Brunch and Dinner Saturday and Sunday starting at 11am.


So come on by and dig in. You won’t be disappointed. 

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