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Sissy That Outdoor Fitness

Posted on 27 October 2014 |
by Agent Lindsay Morgan
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By Bohemia Agent Lindsay Morgan

So, I know what you’re thinking, ”Why is this chubby girl writing about outdoor fitness?”

We all set goals for all kinds of crazy things, I have recently started setting goals for my own happiness, and health.

My boyfriend and I decided to start being more active, we signed up at Planet Fitness, like a good 20 something does, we downloaded all kinds of apps…and after all of that, we decided to walk 2 blocks from our apartment to Central Park and walk around the Meer instead.


Central Park North is my FAVORITE part of the park. The Harlem Meer is right on 110th and Lenox. Olmsted and Vaux, the designers of Central Park, Names it “The Meer” which means “lake” in Dutch. It is approximately .75 miles around, so we decided that would be our new goal. We would walk around the Harlem Meer 1 time every morning for 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks, we have been adding 1 more lap, and trying to beat our time.  We’ve been at it for about a month, and both of us have already seen the pounds come off!

As well as having an amazing walking path all the way around with stunning views, the Harlem Meer also offers catch and release fishing, an ice skating rink, a pool, and all kinds of naturey non-NYC things to look at.

If you aren’t down to look like a mall walker every morning, like us, there are other cool outdoor fitness options for you! My good friend Joe Blomfield has recently moved to this amazing city from the UK to start a new life with his awesome wife Rachel. The pair are both fitness fanatics, and Joe is a Personal Trainer.

British Bootcamp, or “BBC” for short is a new way to be active and have fun all while getting your dose of fresh air for the day…. Get it…He’s a British Guy! When I asked Joe why he prefers to train outdoors, he said “ Outdoor training is great because you have near unlimited space, it gets you out of your gym routine rut, and best of all ITS FREE!” “Everyone lives uptown now, I want class to be easy to get to, not too far away,” he continued.  Joe thinks that the uptown parks also give people a chance to see a side of the city they haven’t seen before.

BBC uses a mix of cardio and resistance exercises along with a variety of different training styles. For those of you who are nervous about anything called “bootcamp” trust me, this British Chap designed the class so that any and all fitness levels can benefit. Blomfield has variations for each exercise, you decide what’s best based on your ability.


“My background from playing rugby for England as a teenager and graduating with first class honors in health and exercise as well as over 6 years experience as a personal trainer is put into every class.” 'Bootcampers' enjoy a different class every time they come to BBC. Everyone is pushed to his or her individual ability level and it ends up being a really challenging and enjoyable class.

Want to rock out with your Union Jack out in Riverside Park?! Bootcampers can sign up through facebook, just by searching “British Boot Camp in NYC”

You can also contact Joe Blomfield directly via email

Or via my LinkedIn profile:

Classes are on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10am. Classes last an hour and are just $10 per person. We meet at the 116th entrance to Riverside Park, just a 2-minute walk from the 1 train 116th stop. 


Agent Lindsay Morgan

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Agent Lindsay Morgan

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