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Eat, Play, Latte 2.0 : One Man’s Search for Everything Across Hamilton Heights

Posted on 14 November 2016 |
by Agent Shaun Crossman
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Bohemia Blog by Agent Shaun Crossman Picture of Hamilton's HomeWe all are familiar or have heard of the hit Broadway show Hamilton. Like the show, everyone is trying to get their “ticket” to move to Hamilton Heights. Hamilton had the right idea with a #MoveUptown, and built his home (Pictured) on what was then mostly farmland. No longer rolling fields, this neighborhood is exploding with new restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. As a resident myself, I love to support old and new businesses in the neighborhood - #GoLocal. Want More Uptown News, Read the First Edition of My Blog: Eat, Play, Latte: One Man’s Search for Everything Across Sugar Hill, Hamilton Heights and Central Harlem Continuing on with the theme of Elizabeth Gilberts' "Eat, Pray, Love" series, my second blog installment "2.0" will mirror the 2nd book which is called, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. I am committed to Hamilton Heights, but I am no skeptic. Hamilton Heights rocks my world. I proclaim "Eat, Play, Latte 2.0", the 2nd part to what will have to be a 50 part series (Watch out Law and Order SVU). With so many old and new favorites it took days to widdle down to these five. While these are my favorite, I challenge you get out there yourself, stay local, experience my favorites and maybe find favorites of your own!

Uptown Bourbon

@ 3631 Broadway Btwn 149th/150th uptown bourbon's lemonadeNow that the weather is cooling down there is no better remedy to the winter chill than a spot of bourbon. 3+ years ago I fell in love with Bourbon Old Fashions. At the time, I believed it would become my new “winter drink” to parallel the refreshing summer gin and tonic. Alas, bourbon has become my every season libation of choice. When opening was announced, I knew I was headed for a win-win. I love Uptown and I love bourbon. Uptown Bourbon offers delicious specialty cocktails, a skilled bar staff, a charming warm vintage inspired space and has some of the best beer prices/happy hour specials in the area($2 Beers!?). It goes without saying that their Old Fashioned is perfection, but my tastebuds tap dance when I contemplate their Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade (Pictured). The talented bartenders nail the balance of sweetness and warmth that ends with a friendly smack in the face from the bourbon. While drinking these dangerously delicious cocktails, Uptown Bourbon has a great variety of meat and cheese plates to nosh on. #ImASlaveForYou

The Monkey Cup

@ 1730 Amsterdam Btw 145th/146th Pictured - Monkey Cup traditional coffee artWhenever I have a huge day ahead or didn’t get enough sleep the night before, The Monkey Cup is my secret weapon. This quirky and friendly coffee shop is a much welcomed addition to Amsterdam which doesn’t have many offerings above 145th St. My Secret Weapon? Their Kyoto Cold Brew Iced Coffee. One drip at a time the coffee is made in this glass tower which resembles laboratory equipment. Strong, bold and delicious, this stuff gets me going! When I am not sleep walking I tend to order the “Monkey-chino” which is a cappuccino with a Monkey art on top made with foam and cinnamon. The Monkey Cup brings a creative and fun environment with a ceiling full of leafy foliage, natural wood board interior and Edison Bulb fixtures strung throughout.


@ 3431 Broadway Btwn 140th/139th Picture of BunnyI am going to be honest with you dear reader, I have never stepped foot in Trufa. But I have ate my way through its delicious menu. Compared to 4 years ago, the amount of options to be delivered while in your PJ’s has sky rocked in Hamilton Heights. On occasion…or basically every day my inner cat lady struggles to leave my two cats. It's becoming a serious issue. Tippytoes and Bunny(Pictured: Yes, I Know) cuddle up and pose in the most adorable positions that put your ’95 Cat Calendar to shame. There I am stuck on the couch with no hope of getting up and Trufa swings in to save the day. Trufa has heaps of food options but my favorite is their Fresh Grilled Salmon Sandwich. I had it last night and would order it again tonight, super solid.  

Hamilton's Bakery

@ 3570 Broadway Btwn 146th/147th Picture of Hamilton's Bakery menuI remember it like it was yesterday, opening week of Hamilton's Bakery and my coworker Maria offered a bite of her cookie upon my return to the office from a showing. It was warm, soft, chocolate chips melty and big. This was my first introduction to Hamilton's Bakery, clearly I left the office immediately that day to get my own warmed cookie goodness. What a gem! Hamilton's Bakery has a wide variety of in-house made baked goods, pastries and great coffee to wash them down. With a spacious seating area this is the perfect spot to get some work done, catchup with friends or fall into a new book. Hamilton's Bakery is one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite in the morning by ordering their “Birds Nest”. Made fresh daily on site with organic and locally sourced ingredients, it delivers comfort, protein and bliss as promised to start your day.

Anchor Wine Bar

@ 3508 Broadway Btwn 143rd/144th screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-11-36-22-amMy fiancé Mickey is obsessed with Italian food, although he swears his heritage stems from France, his eating habits point otherwise. Since I love him … I eat ALOT of Italian food. Anchor Wine Bar (Pictured) delivers a refreshing modern take on classic Italian dishes. The space is filled with subway tile, Edison bulbs, exposed brick and walls of wine. Anchor Wine Bar is dripping with class and comfort. This year was Mickey and I’s 7 Year Anniversary, my gift, a sinus infection for both of us. Thankfully Anchor Wine Bar is on Seamless #AnniversarySaved! If you can’t make it out for there for epic brunch, or want delicious options with Netflix and Chill, this is your place. I hope my treasure map 2.0 proves helpful and you leap to Eat, Play, Latte your way through the one and only Hamilton Heights.  

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